Future Trends

Future TrendsMan has been, and will continue to be in the likely future, be fascinated with outer space and the opportunities and adventures that may lie in future space travel and space exploration. We have already put people on the moon, if for a short period of time, to examine our closest celestial neighbor firsthand. More and more countries, and groups of countries, continue to invest in aeronautical and space programs, most recently China, India and the European Union joining the club of aggressively developing space exploration projects.

The exact nature of future space exploration and travel is hard to discern, especially due to man’s inherent nature to often mix realistic plans with wishful thinking and science fiction. But, as we have learned in the past century, many things that may have been considered to be in the realm of sci-fi before (moon landings are a prime example, but even the achievement of man reaching outer space) have been successfully accomplished, thanks to humankind’s scientific and technological prowess.

Some hope for a future expansion of mankind into our own solar system as a first step, building more space stations and eventually colonizing the Moon and perhaps the planet Mars. Space may also prove to be the next frontier for future military development, as more military surveillance satellites and even future weapons systems may be deployed in space. There is thus a growing movement to prevent the “militarization of space,” and keep future space travel open to peaceful economic, scientific and perhaps even touristic purposes.

In all, outer space now represents the final frontier of humanity that we have yet to conquer and populate, and perhaps someday in the future, many dreams and fantasies explored in science fiction novels and films will come true.